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The Ardent City

The new creation of the musical project “Resonance”

linking music & industrial heritage!


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€ 50 000

Musical creation in situ for soloist, instruments and choirs

Musical movie (8 min.) & making of

Live show & meetings for young audiences

Resonance, The Ardent City

After having travelled to remarkable heritage sites in Europe and around the world, here we are in Liège, The Ardent City. On the banks of the Meuse at a pivotal moment in time. A city that never stops rising from its ashes and reinventing itself. It is this melting pot we have the opportunity to continue the adventure of the musical project.

A musical work and film in situ

Following a great deal of research and location scouting, we are going to take over a site of Liège's industrial heritage to compose a new work (6/8 minutes) based early music texts. These texts inspired remarkable authors and composers from Liege during the Renaissance. Samuel Cattiau and Quentin Dujardin will be joined by other musicians, a choir and children. This new work will be filmed and recorded in situ creating a lasting testimony of the creation.

Raising awareness of young people

With this project, Resonance also proposes to make young people more aware of the world of artistic creation, musical composition, and to be at the heart of a creative process. For several days, a young audience will be able to attend the filming in Liege. A screaning will take place in the presence of the director and the team as well as concerts.

Resonance la cite ardente
Resonance La cite ardente

Photo © Antoine Lanckmans

A little history

In Liege, the development of culture, know-how and industry have been closely linked since the city's origins.


In the 14th and 15th centuries, the Province of Liège was a very active musical centre, a breeding ground for musicians, performers and composers, who exported their talents all over Europe. It was here in this episcopal principality that the foundations of polyphony and so-called "modern" music were forged. A revolution!


The steel industry is an integral part of the history of the Province of Liège. In the 14th century, thanks to the discoveries such as the melting point of metal -  the blast furnace was born! The knowledge of the Liege Forge Masters spread throughout Europe. Metal working methods were completely overturned and production increased from century to century, heralding an industrial revolution throughout the world.

Photo © Antoine Lanckmans

Take part in this wonderful musical adventure!

Support this new independent and unusual musical project, with a one-off or monthly donation.  Depending on your contribution, you will receive a preview of this new musical creation, as well as special offers: attend a rehearsal, attend the film premiere, get tickets for a concert... Participate in the fundraising campaign

Resonance La cite ardente

Photo © Antoine Lanckmans




Maîtrise de l'Opéra Royal Wallonie-Liège


Liege Symphony Choir


Library of the Episcopal Seminary of Liège

Library of the Royal Conservatory of Liège

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